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I'm continually amazed by the flexibility of the way the Internet is designed. For instance, you can register your domain name at one place and then have that name point to another web site. That can be a web site that you manage or any other site. For instance, I have westpointhosting.com being redirected to wildwestpointdomains.com. So, there are two different names but, one site.

Thinking of revamping your web pages? You can create a new site under a different domain name and then, when you are ready, just redirect your old site to go to your new site. There is no downtime. Want to learn more? Search for "dns tutorial" on  YouTube.com.  

Here is another neat free trick that you can use when you sign up online with an email address. It's known as email forwarding. So, it works like this: You get an email account with your new domain, realname@newdoamin.com. Then you create a forwarding account with an alternative name, fakename@newdomain.com and give that to the questionable online service. When they send mail to you, it gets put into your realname mailbox but, they never get you real email address. If you discover that they are sending you spam, you can just delete the fakename account. Result? No mare mail from them. And you can create dozens of these temporary names at no added cost.

One more recent addition. Joomla is the free content management system used by www.rensselaernyalumni.org. Their list of alumni is loaded into a database and then they use PHP to show class lists throughout the site. Officers get the complete view while the public gets a view with limited personal information. All secured by the same security that banks use to protect their customers.

You can do it all here inexpensively or go elsewhere and pay big bucks. And, oh yes, have fun doing it! 

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